A Land of Immigrants

This weekend Coke caused a big stir by having “America the Beautiful” sung in multiple languages. Sadly, many people were upset by their decision. The way I see it, the artistic commercial can be understood as doing two things:

  1.  It shows that people from multiple nationalities see something special about our country.
  2. It shows that our country is beautiful in its diversity.

People from all over the world come to America with dreams of starting a new life in. We live in a land of immigrants. Everyone here originally came from somewhere else. America is a place where people of all nationalities and languages can melt together creating an ever changing tapestry of culture. Part of the beauty of America is that it is unique place that never stays the same for very long. In one sense our tradition is that everything is always changing.

The commercial is artistic. It makes a bold statement. It highlights our diversity and the unique way in which people outside America envision life here.

How does this video help Christians understand taking the Gospel to all people, even in just this country? How does it remind us to become all things to all people? In what ways does the negative reaction to the commercial from some remind us of the war we wage with the sinful attitudes and practices of the world?

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