Spritual .gifs – How to Survive Church Greeting Time (If You’re an Introvert)

The service is going strong until your pastor says those horrible words: “Now, turn and shake hands with your neighbor.”

Oh, no.

The church’s introverts sneak out of the sanctuary very covertly.


Maybe this is a good time to get a drink of water.


No one will notice. You can just wait it out.


But what if you come back too early and those extraverts are still in there, waiting for you?


The horror.


What if they get too friendly?


Seriously. They don’t get it.


Maybe act really tough and they’ll leave you alone.


They might walk past you if you pretend you’re reading.


Or if you act like you’re in the middle of a religious experience.


Try to blend in with your surroundings.


Or, do what I do – learn an instrument. Band members never have to greet people. Too busy rocking out.

And now you know why the band members at your church are weird. If none of that works, just ask for high fives and wait it out. Greeting time can’t last forever. Can it?

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Photo by memebinge

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