TBT: Careful Who You Call a Hero

Welcome to our first Throwback Thursday post. Throwback Thursdays are an opportunity for us to revisit TTC classics, reader favorites, and consistently timely posts such as the one below. This post was originally published in the summer of 2012, but with recent events in the news and considering what national anniversary it is, it strikes pretty darn close to home.

Be Careful Who You Call a Hero

Reading the news the past few weeks has been a sobering reminder to me that we use the term “hero” way too casually. Sometimes it’s because we call people heroes for the strangest reasons (for example, winning an all-you-can-eat contest probably doesn’t qualify you as being a hero…). Other times it’s because we assume people who belong to certain categories must be heroic.

super hero photoPhoto by JD Hancock

If you were paying attention the past few weeks, we learned (again) that not all soldiers are heroes. One Air Force instructor has been convicted of several accounts of sexual assault against female instructees, and quite a few others are still facing charges. It is the most dangerous form of patriotism to assume that everyone who puts on the uniform does so for the right reasons, and then acts honorably and justly while in the uniform. Soldiers are not automatically heroes.

We also learned (again) that not all sports figures are heroes.  The continuing fallout from… CONTINUE READING