God Is a Storm, We Live in the Eye

Sometimes here at TTC I share some original poetry. They’re very different from what we usually post; and yet, maybe not so different. These posts might be disparate in form, but the themes and the “thinking throughs” are the same. I post these poems here because I believe that the best way to think through things is by coupling art and exposition. I find I understand the ideas and themes of Tolkein and Lewis and Rowling as well as I do because I have read their fiction and non-fiction in tandem.

The following poem is about hospitality (among other things). One of my favorite subjects; a theme so very vital, essential to true Christianity.


“god is a storm, we live in the eye”

the roof over your
head you did not build
extend an awning
that another might
shed his
coat and hat selves
in the warmth of your
womb-like mouth
your window-walled
when he removes
his shoes to sleep   place
them like hot coals
on your heartstrings
let the soles’ tread
tattoo you
the pain of
their path
wash his feet
they will sweep
clean the earth-floor
of your god-scarred

© Renea McKenzie, 2014


Cover Photo by Photography by Daniel Rodriguez