The Day After Christmas

christmas presents photo

I always think the saddest part of the year is the day after Christmas.  All that build-up and then nothing.

I don’t recall ever having a bad Christmas.  I don’t recall ever having a fabulous Christmas either.  Most of my Christmases are just nice and normal with the family.

Christmas is supposed to be magical.  Something special should happen, but what?

It’s the day your hope is supposed to turn into joy, the day your wish list becomes presents in your hand.  It’s sad how we’ve made it all about items.

We say that’s our joy – the gifts.  But is it?

Is that what we want, or is it that we want someone to have remembered us?  Someone to take the time t0 buy that gift, wrap it and hopefully hand it to us themselves – giving us the present in their presence.

Or it’s someone to just eat with us or hang out with us, spending their valuable time in a conscious choice to be with us.

Maybe that’s why it’s sad afterwards.  I wouldn’t say I feel lonely the day after Christmas but it’s a similar feeling.  It’s feeling slightly less after having felt so full.

Back to the grind.  Back to mundane, the normal, the everyday.

Luckily, there’s always next Christmas.

Photo by alliecreative