Constancy in a World of Chaos

Guest post by Eric Robinson

I go to church.

Now, I don’t mean that I just show up on Sunday morning and then leave without another thought for the rest of the week, no. I used to do that; give my life’s purpose no other thought than an “Why, God, do I have to wake up so early tomorrow morning for something I could read at home?”

But as I have grown a bit, I have realized that this rhythm that exists within the church is essential to my life.

Tracking the last few years, I have gone through some very extreme changes. I moved out of my parents house, I (kind of) dropped out of college, I started working full time, I started (and spectacularly ruined) a relationship with a girl, I lived in my car for four months, and I moved to Texas, where my car broke down and I bought a motorcycle (which is also currently broken down). All that to say, as far as inconsistency goes, my situation is a definitive example.

The constant irregularity of my life has left a hole that needs to be filled by something consistent. I’ve watched people in situations similar to mine choose alcohol or some other drug to fill that hole. It isn’t pretty. Others choose work or sports or some other sort of hobby, which is sometimes just as destructive. I grew up Presbyterian, and early on in my faith, I found that the rhythm, or liturgy, of church provided a constant reminder that I am loved and I am called to love. Even through all the doubt and pain and weirdness in my life, the church is there for me as a place to go no matter how I’m feeling.


Writing this post has had me looking back a little bit on my life, and since the get go of my conscious choice to be involved with Christianity, I have noticed that of all the people, places, and things in my life, there is one single thing that has been there all along. Big surprise here… it’s the church.

Throughout every season of my adult life, the church and it’s people have been there to catch me when I have needed catching.

Quite simply put, the Christians that God has put into my life are the best people I know. Time after time after time, I have been lavished by the men and women in my life with a generosity that, but for the Life of Jesus, is unexplainable. From people I would characterize as acquaintances to those I consider family, I have received gifts both tangible and intangible that I could never pay back in a million years. I want to surround myself amongst the kind of people that give relentlessly in the face of everything that tells them that they shouldn’t.

Constancy and order in a world of chaos. Generosity and grace in a world of consumeristic exchange. Those are my two main reasons for continuing to go to church when everyone else my age seems to be jumping ship.


E RobEric Robinson is a native Californian who recently moved to Texas. He works at Starbucks as a Shift Supervisor and at Christ Church Plano as the Student Ministries Worship Director. Eric has an inordinate affinity for corned beef. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram @cornbeeflover.