Spiritual .gifs — How Cool is Your Church Band?


Hey everyone! It’s time for another edition of Spiritual .Gifs. Today’s topic? How cool is your church band?

Level 1: The Traditional Service


Band positions needed: Piano and a song leader

What you’re singing: hymns

What you’re wearing: a dress or a suit and tie (but not because you want to)

What you’re doing after the service: Eating a potluck dinner

Level 2: The Contemporary Service

Band positions needed: Piano, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and a singer — preferably a tenor

What you’re singing: Chris Tomlin songs

What you’re wearing: khakis and a polo

What you’re doing after the service: going out for Mexican food

Level 3: The Spirit-filled service


Band positions needed: All of the above plus a sweet electric keyboard and tambourine

What you’re singing: Revelation Song

What you’re wearing: Anything you can move and dance in

What you’re doing after the service: What do you mean, “after the service?”

Level 4: The Mega Church Service

Band positions needed: All the basics plus auxiliary percussion, in-ear monitors for the band, and an awesome AV/lighting tech team

What you’re singing: The latest Hillsong music

What you’re wearing: Designer duds

What you’re doing after the service: Getting together to watch the big game

Level 5: Hipster start-up meeting in converted lofts

Band positions needed: iPad and anything old-timey

What you’re singing: Hymns and Gungor

What you’re wearing: a suit and tie (because you want to); Anthropologie and thrift store finds

What you’re doing after the service: brunch at the farmer’s market


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