Found: A new church

Leaving a church while loving The Church

Several months ago I wrote on my (and my husband’s) search to find a new church.  You can read those articles here.

I’m happy to report that we did find and settle on a church.  We’ve been attending now for about three months.

To wrap-up this series I thought I’d write about a few things I’ve learned along the journey.

1. Persistence

Trying church after church is hard.  Leaving a church you’ve been at to find a new one is also hard.  It’s all hard, but the reward is great.

Luckily for me I’ve had enough experiences when I’m in the right church at the right time to know the difference it can make in my life.  Some people haven’t had that and I understand why for them it’s even harder to stay persistent in a search.

But, I’m glad I kept trying different churches instead of settling for one that seemed “okay” enough. Lots of great churches exist out there, but that doesn’t make them all great for you.  Really trying to find one where you feel welcomed and that you can get involved in is hard but worth it.

2. Don’t listen to others

Sometimes it is good to listen to others, but in general I found you have to make your own path in this type of situation.  A church that is good for someone else might not work well for you.  For example: location.  I had several recommendations of churches but the location really didn’t work.

Don’t go to church somewhere because someone else wants you to.  Go because you do.  You can try it out once or twice, but you won’t be happy if you stay just because of peer pressure.  (Or mother pressure, grandma pressure, and so on.)

Of course, if you’re married, you need to take the other person’s opinion into consideration and it’s best to find somewhere that works for both of you.

3. Get past first impressions

My first impression of the church we’re now attending was from their web presence and driving by the outside of their building.  Neither were great.  Actually, both were bad.  But, I decided to go anyway and once inside I saw that the building was kept up well and people there were generally on top of things.  Since then I found out most people didn’t like the website and it has now been changed.

I hope this series has been helpful to you and I pray you can find a church home you love.