The Incarnation of Christ

Many people know that Christmas is the time when we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ or Messiah. They know that it is the time when Christians think about Christ becoming a human being, but what exactly does it mean that Christ became human?

It means that the eternal Son, the second member of the Trinity was born from a woman. It just so happens that the woman who bore Christ was a virgin, because the Holy Spirit caused her to conceive of Jesus. Jesus was born in a manger, but many don’t realize that many Jewish homes at that point in history had the manger or animal stable on the first floor of the home, below the upper room.


When Jesus was born, the eternal God, Yahweh took upon himself in Christ a human mind and a human soul. His birth was just as natural as any other, and as such, we can assume that Mary had pain and that Jesus cried. It was probably not a silent night as previous TTC posts will tell you. Jesus, though he was God in the flesh, grew as a normal human being. As the God-Man, Jesus got hungry, thirsty, tired; he needed rest. He slept, he felt a wide range of human emotions; he wept and he got angry in the Temple. Jesus was tempted, but unlike the rest of us, he never sinned.

Jesus looked like any other Jewish person at that time in history.

The importance of the Christ becoming a human is that it allowed God himself to provide a way to rescue humanity from sin. It allowed him to reconcile humans back into a right relationship with God. It allowed him to intercede for us as we pray to the Father, and it allowed him to be our pattern of how to live life as God intended. This is why Christians are to become more like Christ.

If Jesus had not come, we would still be sacrificing animals as a covering for our sins (as my wife tells are children: anything we think, say, or do that displeases God). If Jesus had not come, we would not have the hope of resurrection or new bodies in the eternal state. If Jesus had not come, we would not be able to go directly to God in prayer.

Jesus is our way to God, he is our way to peace in life, and he is our model for how to live and treat others. We celebrate his birth because it is in him that we have life.

Merry Christmas!!!