What to Read for Advent

Last year, I posted this little piece on my Advent reading over at my blog, The Beautiful Extras. I’m reposting it this year, because I can’t recommend these two books highly enough, especially Light Upon Light. Read on to see what I mean, then go treat yourself to some excellent holiday reading!

I haven’t gotten around to doing much Christmas decor yet, but I have been observing Advent with the help of these delightful books that arrived in the mail from Hearts and Minds books just in time.

The first book, Light Upon Light: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, is what I’m using for my daily Advent readings. For each week of Advent there are classic and modern poems, scripture selections, and selections from short stories that reflect on the themes of Advent in thoughtful, poetic ways. It’s perfect for me, and the selections are beautiful and interesting. Any literature lover in your life would treasure this book even if it comes after Advent is over, because the readings continue all the way through Epiphany.

The second book, The Season of the Nativity, would be perfect for families with children who are looking to add some creative family traditions to their Advent and Christmas practices. I especially like the idea of doing an Advent tree that remains undecorated until later in the season, but is adorned with words signifying Advent hopes. (Since I haven’t gotten out most of my decorations yet, but I do have a tiny, bare tree, I thought this would be a good way to observe the season and justify my procrastination.) 🙂

Then there’s Lucky, the Christmas fox, who called to me from the aisles of Target and asked me to adopt him for the holidays. I had to say yes. He likes to do the readings with me every morning.

Read more in-depth reviews of these and other great Advent books, here. 


And for what I’m reading for this year’s Advent, check out this TTC interview with Dr. Glen Kreider. I’m reading his excellent book, God With Us for my 2015 Advent devotionals.