Maps, Data, and Infographics, Oh My!

Confession: I have a hobby I never claim on Get to Know You fact sheets or sitting around a table at a dinner party. It’s not an embarrassment as much as something I do not think of often. That is until I stumble across a gem and I find it hard to contain my excitement. Who can I show this too? This is the coolest thing ever!


Well, Thinking Through Christianity friends, today is my lucky day. I have three great links to share!

This scatterplot map demonstrates an extensive study on the make up of diverse, and not so diverse suburbs. From white flight to ethnic enclaves, the study provides hours of entertainment! Plus, who doesn’t love color-coded data?!

Next up, an animated map charting the world’s immigration patterns since 1820. Spoiler alert: the 1980’s get crazy!

Lastly, a political map, my favorite. Unlike physical maps that have natural barriers, political maps tell another story. A New Map for America suggests a different regional division that would improve infrastructure, another interest of mine. 

Maps are great because they have character. They can lie to you, deceive you or inform and inspire you. Next time you see a map, think of me and give it a second glance. You just might find something interesting.