The Day After Tomorrow

Spoiler: This post has nothing to do this patriotic puppies.

I thought we could all use an innocent picture of the internet today. 

patriotic photoPhoto by DavidB30906

Now that you’re more relaxed, can we talk about the election for a minute? I know, I know, but one more time.

I don’t know how often I’ve said, “If we can just get past November 8th…” Well, we are almost there, but I had not given a ton of thought to what actually happens November 9th and beyond. Here are a few thoughts on what comes next.

Your Family is Still Your Family

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. You may be dreading that looming conversation about “the state of our nation.” Who we vote for says a lot about what we believe, and thus, causes great concern as families worry about the dissonance within. Keep in mind, we tend to hold the same values, we just rank our values differently. Instead of fighting about the issues, try asking why the issue is important to the other person. At the end of the day. your family is still your family, even if you think they are crazy!

Your Civic Duty Remains

Every four years we elect or re-elect a president. This is a monumental time in our country, but don’t forget about the time between these four years. There are mid-term elections. There are new local leaders to meet. There are issues in your school district and your city council that matter. If you’ve found yourself either awakened to a political passion or overly frustrated with the state of things, the local impact is often the most effective. Introduce yourself or your organization to new leaders and let them know you will be active constituents with specific concerns and ideas. You might be surprised at how much bipartisan work happens at the local level.

You’ll Still Be Here

A couple of weeks ago, I was attending a Hispanic Heritage Month Banquet. The keynote speaker, Rick Najera was taking questions after his speech. One student raised her hand and asked, “what do we do if Trump wins?” You could hear the fear in her voice. Like any good comedian, Najera made light of the situation, got the audience rolling and then looked her straight in the eye and said “we’ll still be here.” We will still get up and go to work on Wednesday. We’ll teach our children the same things we’ve been teaching them. We’ll work hard to make the world around us a better place. No matter who wins, in 4 years, 8 years, we’ll still be here doing the work of citizens.