God Does Not Spoon-Feed Us His Will

I just finished reading a book titled: Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? by Bruce K. Waltke. It was a wonderful book and very helpful in many ways. For example, he notes that many people want to know God’s will for them for their own benefit or so that they can receive simple answers to deep issues or difficult circumstances.

This of course made me think about how many people in our culture do not want to think for themselves. It reflects how citizens want to be told only what they need to know in the news, at work, and even among friends. It seems that the desire to get quick information has something to do with the desire for instant gratification with regards to our wants. These wants have somehow extended into our spirituality. We desire for God to simply spoon-feed us his will and to tell us exactly what to do when a tough decision needs to be made. We expect him to answer our prayers immediately and to keep us from having to use our minds and make our own decisions.

Perhaps we are afraid that we will make the wrong decision, or do something other than what God desires for us to do. But in reality, God desires for us to follow him. He gave us a mind and the ability to freely choose our paths.

We think that if we know what God’s plan is for our future that we will somehow be in control of that future. It removes the need for us to trust God in the day-to-day.

Waltke states that God is interested in our service not our success. He is right. God is really interested in us following his will but his will is for us to live in obedience to him as we walk in fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

To follow his will, we should look at what the Bible says about how we should live, we should spend time with the Lord in prayer, we should seek the counsel of others, and we should make rational decisions. As Waltke points out in his work, there are exceptions to these things, but typically God does not miraculously give us step by step directions for every decision we need to make.

In fact, many times we must decide between multiple things that can all bring glory to God. We can choose where to work, what career field to go into, and even who to marry. It is easy to think “what if I choose the wrong job or what if I choose the wrong church, or the wrong degree.” But in reality, God can use you to share his Kingdom through your work or school or whatever else you choose.

God desires for us to desire to serve him, and if we are focused on serving God, he will guide us in how to do that in all of our major decisions.

Today think about what decisions you need to make. Think about what God’s Word says about the issues you are facing, pray and ask God to help you make wise choices, use good reasoning, seek advice if needed, and do what you think is best based on all the above. God gave you a mind, so use it. Don’t refuse to make choices thinking that God just needs to give you clarity, instead rejoice knowing that he created you with a mind, will, desires, and the ability to make choices that you can be satisfied in. Making choices brings God glory!!!!

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