Police, Justice, and Culture

In the summer of 2016 an armed gunman in Dallas ambushed a group of officers, in an attack that left 5 officers dead and another 9 wounded. After the event the number of people who sent in applications to work for law enforcement in Dallas increased by over 400%. Even President Obama weighed in on the situation calling it a “vicious, calculated, despicable attack.”

On August 31, 2019 a gunman in my home town killed 17 people and hospitalized an additional 17. The perpetrator was finally killed in a stand-off with police where at least one officer was wounded. This event caused many in West Texas to show support for local law enforcement on social media.

These past few weeks we have seen the news media continually promote lawlessness and sensationalize tragedies.

The results have also led to many police officers feeling like they have been ostracized by their own government.

In 2019, 135 officers were killed in the line of duty. Over 18,000 officers were injured by attacks in 2018.

I know about 12 officers personally (white, black, Asian American, and Hispanic, and male and female). All the officers I know are good people doing their best to protect and serve their communities.

I also know a number of black individuals who believe they have been profiled and/or mistreated by the police.

I am sure that it happens. Police are sworn to protect society, but police officers are also sinful just like everyone else–meaning that some make poor choices as officers and some of those poor choices include racist behaviors. That being said, the vast majority of officers are out there doing their best to keep peace, order, and justice in our country.

I want to encourage you to pray for your local law enforcement. Pray for their safety. Pray for their stress and their weariness. Pray for them to do their best and to make the best decisions they can as they try to heal wounds that run deep. Pray for those in charge to remove the bad apples, and pray that they will support the good officers as they should.

Pray for the people of our country to re-establish the trust they must have in our law enforcement in order for our communities to flourish. Pray for the people who feel abused to find healing in the relationships they have with officers moving forward. And pray for justice. Pray that those committing crimes will be apprehended and prosecuted. Pray that those who riot and loot and bring a bad name to otherwise good peaceful protests will be stopped. Pray that those who seek real positive change will find it.

The media want to sensationalize as much as they can for ratings. The court of public opinion wants us to hop on the cultural band wagon and make judgments about every situation before all the evidence has come to light. In essence, social media amounts to modern day witch hunts. Pray that we will have the wisdom and fortitude to see through the facade, seek the truth, and promote justice for all.