I Saw the Flies

A month after the May rains and flash floods, a large, flowering bush in our front yard started buzzing. Bees, I thought, when I heard it. But I did not see any bees. I drew closer. The buzzing grew louder in my ears. I looked up. I looked down. I stood on my tiptoes. I crouched down. But there were no bees to be seen.

I was puzzled. Where in the world was all this buzzing coming from? I stood there, baffled and a bit frustrated. I waited. And then, without looking for anything in particular, I caught a glimpse of something else, smaller than a bee, sitting on a leaf of the bush. It was a fly. All of a sudden, I noticed more flies hovering near the one on the leaf. Another fly, another fly, another fly. How did I not see them before?  I backed up. The bush was covered in flies. Loud, buzzing flies.

I had not expected flies. But a bush full of flies was the truth. I could no longer deny that the flies were there. Something in my mind had connected with something in my eyes and it had changed my vision. Once I had seen that first fly, I couldn’t help but see all the rest. 

I had looked. I had investigated. I had become baffled and frustrated. Then I waited. And when the truth revealed itself, it changed my vision.

I saw the flies.