Is this a Christian website? 

On this website we discuss things that are relevant to the Christian faith. Our readers are a mix of Believers and non-Believers (and those in the middle who haven’t decided). We created this site because it’s hard to find a place online where people are talking about Christianity without fighting with each other. We think it’s important to have sensible, kind discussions on important issues – and usually, in doing so, we find the answers.

There are a lot of Christian websites – what’s different about this one? 

We like to be very in-depth and to consider different points of view when writing, and this makes our discussions different than what we see elsewhere. We don’t push a certain group’s point of view or hide from difficult issues.

What About Your Own Faith? 

Everyone who writes articles on this site is Christian.  For further details, visit the Belief Page.

Do You Have Any Political Views? 

Of course, but this site isn’t the place for them. The different writers at TTC have differing views about political issues, which forces us to get along with people we might otherwise push away. We like to leave the political mudslinging aside while we talk about interesting things.